Sweet Potato Grocer

Tyler School of Art
Art Director, Abby Guido

Brand Identity — Logo Design

Sweet Potato Grocer is your neighborhood grocery store that focuses on selling locally grown produce alongside easy to make meals. This brand is intended to be a pocket of personal and environmental sustainability to the urban area it serves.

Store Layout

The Customer

Sweet Potato Grocer has a goal to help its community become healthier. One of the goals was to highlight the barriers faced by many individuals who lack access to fresh food in an urban environment.

Sweet Potato Grocer user persona by Yates Design Studio

Logo Design

At its heart, Sweet Potato Grocer focuses on providing raw, organic food straight from the farm to the customer’s plate.

The logo was created with this in mind and informed my descision to sculpt sweet potatoes into letters to be used as stamps. The rawness of the incomparable natural texture reinforces the brand by giving off a feeling that SPG is honest and has no hidden agendas.

Sweet Potato Grocer logo by Yates Design Studio

Visual Identity

Sweet Potato Grocer welcomes its customers with fun, playful colors and clear images of fresh food.


The website will include information that can further help people in their journey to eat more healthy food. This is where customers will be able to sign up for the subscription service that will guarantee them a weekly share of food. The user will also be able to view where the food is coming from, meet the farmers, see hours of operation, and view upcoming meals.