Peeled Logo Design

LISA HELD, a freelance journalist covering food/ag/environment, reached out about designing brand elements for her new venture, PEELED. Peeled is on Substack, an online newsletter that allows its subscribers to support the independent writers they trust. Lisa’s writing offers an in-depth, thoughtful look at all things regarding food.

Lisa has always gives the greatest prompts. But I think she put it best in her about page about where the name Peeled comes from…

peeled logo process


“When I report stories, I end up with all kinds of research and interviews that never see the light of day. These are natural byproducts of the journalistic process. You fit what fits into a story, and the rest is thrown away, like potato peels when you decide to go mashed. But potato peels are filled with nutrients, and some of these byproducts also contain incredible value. Why not share some of that?”

final logo marks

peeled in the wild