Brother/Hoods: Fairmount

Tyler School of Art
Art Director, Soonduk Krebs

Print design — Photography — Brand Identity

Brother/Hoods highlights the distinctiveness of the neighborhoods within the City of Brotherly Love. For this project I am featuring the neighborhood of Fairmount, but plan to expand to incorporate additional neighborhoods in the future.

My goal is to create a brand identity for Fairmount in the form of a visual representation.

The final deliverable is a 36×48 inch poster that folds into a 9×12 inch booklet. Through research and photographic documentation, I created a portrait of the Fairmount neighborhood that can be used to learn and enjoy.

The booklet can be opened to reveal a large poster that can be used as wall art.


Brother/Hoods: Fairmount Poster, Nicholas Yates 2020

Sources: New York Public Library Archive,,,,,,
All photography, unless otherwise stated, by Nicholas Yates 2020


The microsite is a resouce for anyone who wants to further explore the featured neighborhoods. 

Brand Identity

Logo Development

Fairmount is both modern and historic. The “F” that would represent Fairmount needed to feel both dated and present. I used an Old Style flourish balance a more modern sans serif shape. The letter leans into the future while holding onto the history it represents.


Full Logo Mark